EU Referendum

Cameron Gets it Right

Brussels, 23 January 2013 -- So declared the Rt Hon Sir Robert Atkins MEP today, following David Cameron's long awaited speech on Britain's future relations with the European Union.


"I am reminded of Margaret Thatcher's ringing declaration in her famous Bruges speech of 1988 when she said "Let me be quite clear - Britain does not dream of some cosy isolated existence on the fringes of the European Union. Our destiny is in Europe as part of the Community"."


"The Prime Minister supports that contention and has offered a reconstruction of our relationship which maintains the strong link and offers both the British people and the other EU Member States a sensible way forward."


Sir Robert, an MEP for 14 years and, before that, an MP and Government Minister, went on to recognise the concerns of many of his Constituents about various aspects of an EU membership which are now out-of-date or just plain wrong.


"A referendum should be conducted when the new partnership details are worked out, after the next General Election. The Prime Minister has got the balance just right and he will have my active support in seeking a mandate from the British people along these lines."


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