Call for EU Action on Air Travel

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament, has written today to the Chairman of the Committee on Transport, Regions and Tourism (Constantinos Hatzidakis MEP) asking for urgent consideration of the implications for aviation of recent terrorist events in the USA.

"There are a number of concerns that should be considered calmly but urgently", Sir Robert commented, "and they should be discussed at the next appropriate meeting".

"First, the consistency and effectiveness of security at airports and on aircraft".

"Second, the management of European Civil Airspace, taking into account potential hostile incursion and military activity".

"Third, the effects upon the viability of European Airlines".

"Fourth, the consideration of proposals as the Council of Transport Ministers and the Commission make to address these and other related matters".

Sir Robert concluded: "It is imperative that the understandable public concern about the safety and security of aviation be addressed as soon as possible but without exacerbating the very worries we wish to ease".

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