NW Regional Assembly

Dear Editor,

Delighted as I am to be classed as a "Tory Grandee" - whatever that may be - by Cllr. Derek Boden (29.6.2000), he is wrong in almost every particular and therefore sinks to personal abuse.

Unlike him, I have to catch trains and planes to get to the European Parliament so my attendances at the "Assembly" must needs be of a passing nature. I can't spend all day mid-week listening to pompous waffle which never achieves anything. Do I have to mention the Daresbury Synchrotron Project which Labour Councillors said was the most important touchstone of the Assembly in its determination to influence a Labour Government about the importance of the North West? And what was the result? A complete failure to persuade Tony Blair and the loss of leading edge technology to Oxfordshire - plus lies and deceit from Labour Ministers to boot.

Conservatives are in opposition nationally and regionally. Our job therefore is to oppose, expose and force the majority to justify the complete waste of time, effort and money that the "Assembly" represents. Derek Boden and his friends cannot do so and they know that it is a Labour fraud on the overburdened regional taxpayer. Conservatives will abolish it.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Atkins

The Editor,
Bury Times Group.

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