Reacting to a front-page report in "The Observer" (17/1/01) on Air Traffic Control congestion, the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West and Conservative Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament, commented, "I was the Parliament's Rapporteur on the "Single European Sky" and all that I said in June last year will come to pass if EU Transport Ministers do not pay heed to both Commissioner Palacio and my Committee."

"I demanded urgent remedial action by the end of last year and still nothing has happened. The particular problem lies with France who refuses to address the conflicting demands of military and civil aviation in her airspace. The British Government must take the lead and urge the Council of Ministers to act quickly," went on Sir Robert, "otherwise there will be a serious accident. The proposals are there in my Report. They just need to take the right decisions."

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