Atkins delighted by Cameron policy on the European Parliament

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West Region and Deputy Leader of Conservative MEPs, warmly welcomed the decision announced today by the Tory Leader, David Cameron, to create a new Conservative grouping in the European Parliament in 2009, after the next European Parliamentary elections. “This fulfils the pledge made in our Election Manifesto to remain in the EPP-ED until 2009 and David Cameron’s pledge to create a new Group with a Conservative agenda to reform the European Union as soon as possible“.

Sir Robert Atkins, in his role as Deputy Leader, was part of the consultations with other MEPs in the European Parliament, instigated by Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, and is pleased that David Cameron has recognised the political realities of politics in the European Parliament.

He has provided the Conservative Party with an opportunity to create and develop a new Agenda for Reform of the EU and given great encouragement to the substantial influence wielded, and work done by, Tory MEPs,“ declared Sir Robert.

Conservatives have also announced the establishment of the Movement for European Reform, a joint political initiative with the ODS, who are now the leading party in the Czech government.

We intend to play our full part in this movement“, confirmed Sir Robert, “and use our expertise on economic, environment, transport and local government issues to shape a new direction for the European Union and to be a real catalyst for change.

Let us now leave the divisions on Europe behind us and concentrate on winning the next General Election.

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