Balance Needed In Flights' Take-Off In EU Emission Trading Scheme

Emissions must be curbed, but competitive industry maintained

Brussels, 02 May 2007 — A reduction in CO2 emissions from aircraft needs to be balanced with maintaining a competitive industry for consumers.

Air travel was under the spotlight again today as MEPs discussed the issues at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Currently, aircraft produce about 5.5 per cent of UK emissions and direct emissions from aviation account for around three per cent of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

As a growth industry, the aircraft industry’s impact on the environment is increasingly important.

Without action, the rise in emissions from flights from EU airports will be 2012 cancel out more than a quarter of the eight per cent emission reduction the EU-15 must achieve to reach its Kyoto Protocol target.

Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament, Sir Robert Atkins MEP said: “A balance needs to be struck between curbing the aviation industry’s contribution to CO2 emissions and maintaining a competitive industry capable of meeting consumers’ needs.

“Including aviation in the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme offers a market based solution to reducing CO2 and may pave the way for opening up the scheme beyond Europe’s borders.”

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