BERLIN DECLARATION: Yes to reform and no to the Constitution, say Conservatives

Conservative deputy leader says the only word that matters for Europe is reform, anything more is just waffle

Brussels, 25 March 2007 — The Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, calls on national leaders to champion EU reform following the signing of the Berlin Declaration today.

“Reform means focusing on three key areas: First, the economic challenge of globalisation. Second, the environmental challenge of climate change. And third, the moral and security challenge of global poverty. This Declaration refers to these objectives and we welcome that.

“However, the reference to a “renewed common basis” on which the EU moves forward is ambiguous. If it means a rush to implement the discredited Constitution by stealth, then we oppose the concept. We support efforts to make Europe more open and transparent in its activities, but this does not require new powers or any diminution in the sovereign rights of Member States. The nations of Europe can co-operate more closely on issues that affect people like climate change and global poverty. But, the Constitution process is dead and there must be no attempt to resurrect it.”

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