Conservative MEP backs Blackpool’s bid for Super Casino

Plans to award Blackpool the sole licence to build a Las Vegas-style development were today backed by the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West.

The North West Development Agency believes that Blackpool would have more to gain from such a development than any other town in the North West.

Indeed, Blackpool Council has put the development at the centre of its plans to revive the local economy.

The Casino Advisory Panel is expected to make its recommendations for the location of the casino at the end of 2006 and Blackpool is already the favourite to win the licence from the Government.

Sir Robert said:

“Blackpool is not just a regional tourist centre but one of European dimensions. What happens here is vital for the North West of England as well as the town. I support Blackpool’s bid to have the first major casino in the United Kingdom and wish the campaign every success.”

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