Blair Must Fight To Protect Britain’s National Interests

Brussels, 21 June 2007 — Following disclosure of the draft IGC mandate, Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, has reiterated his call for a referendum if any new treaty transfers powers from Britain to the EU.

As leaders of the 27 Member States gather for the European Summit in Brussels later today, he says:

“It is clear from the draft IGC mandate paper circulated by the German Presidency that the Government has given a huge amount of ground in the negotiations.

“This is the European Constitution, just under a different name.

“The Government has had its head in the sand for months on this crucial issue for Britain. If Labour had really been interested in shifting debate away from resurrecting the Constitution then we would not be faced with the kind of power-grabbing document now on the table. It is clear Blair and Brown have played their hand very badly.

“This Government seems to be guided solely by a need to try to stave off a referendum, rather than vigorously pursuing the British national interest.

“It is vital that any new treaty that transfers powers from Britain to the European Union is subject to a referendum of the British people.”

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