Blair snubbed on ‘war on terror’ as Labour MEPs vote to condemn UK over CIA prisoner transport

Strasbourg February 14 — In a direct attack on Tony Blair’s foreign policy, Labour MEPs voted today to condemn the UK’s alliance with USA in the war on terror.

The vote in the European Parliament also implies that the UK would be unable to deport non-UK citizens and be required to provide diplomatic help to UK residents who trained in the terrorist camps in Afghanistan.

Labour’s double standards were condemned by Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, who said:

“Labour today voted against Blair, the USA and NATO and in favour of more EU powers over security and counter-terrorism.

“Labour wants a ‘water pistol’ war on terror with MI6 and the CIA fighting with one hand tied behind their backs and a committee of MEPs monitoring the battle. Security is, and must be, the responsibility of national parliaments and governments.”

Sir Robert added: “I particularly condemn the requirement on the British Government to extend consular protection to former UK residents who had not bothered to become citizens, but chosen instead to travel to dangerous parts of the world. This is contrary to all the traditional obligations and rights of citizenship of our Member States.

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