Blair snubbed on nuclear energy by Labour MEPs over key energy proposal

Strasbourg, 14 December 2006 — Today Labour MEPs have once again voted against Tony Blair. They voted against a proposal to generate 60% of electricity in Europe from ultra-low or non-carbon emitting technologies.

Labour MEPs voted against an amendment to the report on a European strategy for sustainable energy, which called “on the Commission to set ambitious but realistic targets for ultra-low or non CO2 emitting and CO2 neutral energy technologies to supply 60 % of EU electricity demand by 2020, in support of European climate and security of supply objectives“.

Tony Blair has backed the construction of a new generation of nuclear power plants to safeguard future energy needs and meet emission targets. Without nuclear power, he argues, Britain will be dependent on natural gas for 55 percent of its energy needs by 2020, compared with 38 percent at present.Sir Robert Atkins MEP, deputy leader of Conservative delegation in the European Parliament, said:

The Labour MEPs have voted against renewable and nuclear energy. This was a veritable double whammy against sustainability and security of supply. My sympathies go to Tony Blair who once again has been let down by his representatives in Europe.

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