So says Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP (North West) in response to the recent statement of Commissioner Margot Wallstrom supporting the Irish attack on Sellafield.

"She is just prejudiced against nuclear power - even though many Green campaigners are beginning to realise its environmental advantages - misguided in her fears about the safety of BNFL's North West plants and just plain wrong about the so-called threats to Ireland" declared Sir Robert.

"She does not realise the huge regional importance of the jobs that the industry provides, the strategic importance to the UK that the nuclear option represents or the pride that local people have in this technically pre-eminent and profitable British company" he continued.

"She should keep her nose out of matters that do not concern her. European taxpayers will not take kindly to Mrs. Wallstrom wasting their money on supporting a flawed and biased legal action in European Courts, merely to assuage her ill-founded prejudices and those of one small nation" concluded the North West Tory MEP.

"The MOX decision is for the British Government alone and it must defend the interests of the nuclear industry against interference by Brussels bureaucrats."

Note for Editors:
Commissioner Margot Wallstrom (Environment) writing in Ireland's 'Sunday Independent' on 9/12/01, expressed support for the Irish legal action (failed) against BNFL's new MOX plant.

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