Boat owners face doubling of fuel costs unless Labour secure EU opt-out

Conservative MEP warns of 'devastating impact' if diesel derogation is not renewed by New Year's Eve

Brussels - October 19th: Four million pleasure boaters could suffer a doubling of fuel costs if the EU fails to renew the UK opt-out on red diesel tax warns Conservative MEP, Sir Robert Atkins.

Britain, along with four other Member States, is allowed an exemption from higher rate duty on red diesel fuel for pleasure craft and “liveaboarders” - the thousands of people who live aboard their homes and need red diesel for heating and hot water.

Sir Robert said:

“The red diesel exemption for Britain functions as a balancing factor because the cost of boating in the UK is considerably higher than in other EU countries, including more expensive mooring fees.

“Many boat owners are pensioners and the increase in the cost of red diesel could force many of them to sell their boats.

“The ending of low-duty on red diesel will devastate motor boating in Britain. Boating makes a significant contribution to UK tourism and in many areas is one of the major employers. I will do all I can to keep up the fight to retain Britain’s exemption.”

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