Atkins fights corner for Bolton Pensioner

When Maurice Jones finally lost patience with the complacent attitude of the British Government towards the loss of his pension, he took his case to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.

There he found Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West of England and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Delegation in Brussels, ready to back his campaign for pension improvements for him and others in the same situation.

Sir Robert commented:

"Mr Jones paid his contributions to a local firm for 38 years and when it went bust, he lost not only his company pension, but his state pension too. This is a disgraceful situation and one for which Gordon Brown and the Treasury should be ashamed."

The UK Parliamentary Ombudsman has backed Mr Jones, but the Government has ignored her recommendations. All that is left is to persuade the European Commission that action should be taken under Article 226 of the Human Rights Act to force the British Government to institute a Pension Replacement Scheme.

Sir Robert said:

"This plea to the European Parliament is a serious one and we will keep the petition open until we get some action."

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