Brown is wrong: More institutional change is inevitable

Conservatives say a referendum is a moral imperative

Strasbourg, 24th October 2007 — Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, warned today that the Reform Treaty will not be the last attempt to transfer more power from Westminster to Brussels which is why a referendum is a moral imperative for Gordon Brown.

Sir Robert said:

“We have already had four reform treaties since 1992. The so-called ‘ratchet clause’ in this treaty would allow further national vetoes to be abolished over the course of the next ten years and we could not stop it. This is another reason why the UK deserves a referendum on the present proposals.

“The Irish PM said this weekend: ‘Why not let your people have a say - it is upsetting to see so many countries running away from giving their people an opportunity.’ I agree. The EU talks about getting closer to the people but when it has the chance to ask their opinions it flunks the opportunity.”

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