Lib Dem Proposal Would Lead To 19,000 UK Job Losses

Brussels, June 27th 2007 — A Liberal Democrat proposal aimed at reducing car CO2 emissions would mean the end of the road for Land Rover and Jaguar - and put the 19,000 people employed by the two vehicle manufacturers out of work.

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies is calling for a total ban on all cars emitting more than 240g of CO2 per km by 2015. Only one out of Land Rover and Jaguar’s entire model range currently falls below such a limit.

Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins, said: “We all agree that CO2 from cars needs to be reduced, but this should be done responsibly and gradually.

“To simply close down highly successful companies at the stroke of a legislative pen is crazy. I am sure that both Jaguar and Land Rover will play a part in reducing their average emissions - and 19,000 Land Rover and Jaguar employees will want to know whether these proposals represent official Lib Dem policy.”


Relevant extract from Chris Davies’ report:

‘6. Considers that from 1 January 2015, no new passenger car model that exceeds the emissions target of 120g CO2/km by more than 100 per cent should be placed on the EU market’

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