EU Ban on Cat and Dog Fur Trade

Following the exposure of the European cat and dog fur trade in May, the European Parliament is calling for an EU-wide ban.

The trade, which was exposed by Conservative MEP's and the Humane Society International, found evidence of a cat and dog fur trade in many European countries including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Sir Robert Atkins has signed a declaration to outlaw the trade for MEPs to sign. If half of the MEPs sign this declaration, an outright EU-wide ban on the cat and dog fur trade will then become the policy of the European Parliament.

Sir Robert Atkins said:
"Two million cats and dogs are being killed each year in China to fuel this vile trade. Much of this is being directed to EU countries. DNA tests have shown that rugs, coats and figurines are made from real cat and dog fur, but they are still on sale in shops throughout Europe.

Europe's public demands an end to the import, export and sale of these items. Despite such strength of opinion, this cruel trade in cat and dog fur is still not illegal in Europe. I am determined to press for an immediate ban."
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