Labour MEPs today expressed strong support for a Socialist report which calls for the European Commission to set blood/alcohol levels for drink/driving offences rather than, as has been the case heretofore, the British Government.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West, and Conservative Spokesman on Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament, tabled an amendment which maintained British control over these matters and which Transport Commissioner Palacio was prepared to accept. However, Labour Spokesman, Mark Watts MEP, indicated that he and his colleagues would vote against it.

"We have one of the best records in the world on controlling drink/driving offences" commented Sir Robert, a former Minister for Roads and Traffic, "and whilst it can always be improved, we have demonstrated that we know how to deal with the problem better than other countries. Now Labour MEPs, on instructions from their Government, are to give this away. Just who is really fighting for British interests - it is certainly not the Labour Party!"

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