Climate change package is welcome step in the right direction

But the devil is in the detail, warns Conservative MEP

Brussels, 22nd January 2008 — The European Commission will tomorrow unveil its long-awaited ‘energy and climate change package’ to MEPs in a special sitting of the European Parliament. The Commission’s proposal will form the backbone of the EU’s actions to achieve the 20 per cent reduction in CO2 and other greenhouse gases by 2020.

The proposals cover the much needed review of the EU’s emissions trading scheme, set targets for renewable energies (including biofuels), outline how the EU’s C02 ‘burden’ will be shared amongst Member States and establish a framework for the development of carbon capture and storage.

Sir Robert Atkins MEP said:

“The Commission’s proposals are welcome a step in the right direction, but the devil is in the detail and Conservatives in the European Parliament will be working to make sure that the emissions trading scheme is improved to avoid a repeat of its earlier failures, and that moves towards an increased use of biofuels do not end up having a negative impact on the environment.

“A biofuels policy that leads to an increase in deforestation and rise in food prices and water shortages, with little or no reduction in carbon emissions, would be a disaster and must be avoided.”

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