Parliament's Decision a victory for Intolerance & Political Correctness

"The decision by Commission President-Elect Barroso to withdraw his nominations for the new College of Commissioners in the face of overwhelming hostility from centre-left MEPs is a triumph for intolerance and political correctness" commented the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP for the North West and Deputy Leader of the British Conservatives. "I disagree with all Snr Buttiglioni's views but I defend stoutly his right to maintain them and to express them. The only criteria for the job should be his competence, not his religious beliefs."

"It is also a slap in the face for Member States' right to nominate a Commissioner" continued Sir Robert. "I was prepared to accept the decision of Tony Blair to propose Peter Mandelson - however much I disagree with his politics - because there is a Labour Government in Britain. However, Labour MEPs defied their own Prime Minister - again - and threatened to vote against Mr. Barroso's Commission"

"I would have happily voted for the first Centre-Right President and the most economically sensible Commission in recent years" concluded the Tories' Deputy Leader "but if Mr. Barroso makes changes to his Nominees on the basis of the religious and political bigotry of the left, then I and other Tory MEPs will definitely vote against."

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