“Conference a Huge Success”

So declared the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West and Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs, after his trip to the Tory Conference at Blackpool.

“And, above all”, he said, “the tremendous support for Tory MEPs’ demand for a referendum on the EU “Treaty” gives added zest to this popular campaign”.

Both David Cameron and William Hague made the demand centre points in their Conference speeches and slated Gordon Brown for breaking his Party’s Manifesto pledge at the last election.

Sir Robert continued:

“Brown is cheating the British people by refusing to admit what every other EU leader has said about the Treaty – namely that it is the former Constitution under another title – and by preventing them from having a voice, a view and a vote on this EU policy which will change Britain out of all recognition. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself”.

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