Confusing cabin bag rules are just ‘plain daft’

Brussels, 7th January 2008 — Sir Robert Atkins MEP, a Member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, is calling for a consistent policy on cabin bag allowance across the EU to save confusion.

As of today the Department for Transport has said passengers can take more than one bag on board planes at UK airports where improved security scanners have been installed. But at others the one-bag rule remains, prompting confusion among passengers.

In a further twist, concerned about the muddle different rules would create, airline Easyjet has retained the one-bag restrictions, introduced in August 2006, regardless of what airport passengers are flying from.

Sir Robert said:

“Allowing some passengers to carry more than one bag on board and not others has created a ridiculous disparity. Some 22 airports, including Heathrow, have relaxed the restrictions, while others, including Gatwick, have not. The situation is plain daft and very confusing for passengers now facing a hodgepodge of rules and restrictions. We need one consistent policy across the EU.”

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