Conservative MEP on emissions trading: Now we have a scheme that can fly

Today the European Parliament voted to include the aviation sector within the EU’s existing Emissions Trading System (ETS). Sir Robert Atkins MEP, said:

“The aviation sector is currently responsible for roughly 7% of the UK’s emissions - more than the combined emissions from oil refineries and steel plants. Incorporating the aviation industry, even business jets, into the EU’s emissions trading scheme will be an effective mechanism to reduce CO2 emissions.

“We must now make sure that the revenues generated from the auctioning of emission credits do not disappear into the Chancellor’s pocket, but are spent on measures to further reduce emissions. These must include funding research into technological innovations such as carbon capture and storage, and measures to prevent deforestation in developing countries.

“We have struck the right balance between the big national carries and low cost airlines; looked after those in remote areas dependent on local air transport; protected humanitarian and research flights. We also rejected the attempt by the British Government and others to exempt their own air travel from the scheme.

“The end result is that now we have a scheme that can fly and one that is fair both to people’s transport needs and the need for a healthy environment”

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