Conservative MEPs cast their vote for a referendum

Strasbourg, 20th February 2008 — Conservative MEPs cast their vote for a referendum on the revived European Constitution in the European Parliament in Strasbourg this morning (Wednesday)

Ahead of today’s vote on a report that constitutes the European Parliament’s endorsement of the Lisbon Treaty, a carbon copy of the old, rejected European Constitution, Conservatives again reminded Gordon Brown of Labour’s 2005 election manifesto pledge to give the British people their say.

Surrounded by their new campaign posters and ballot papers, Conservative MEPs called for Gordon Brown to honour his promise to hold a referendum and voted against the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Sir Robert Atkins MEP, said:

“This Treaty - or rather the European Constitution - is not the way forward for Europe. We support a Europe of independent states, working together with a joint focus on challenges like globalisation, global poverty and global warming.

“In contrast to fellow leaders, Gordon Brown continues to peddle the myth that this Treaty and the European Constitution are different. They are not and the British people know that.

“Gordon Brown must stop dithering and turning his back on the wishes of the British people. He must grant them the referendum he promised.”

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