Conservative Deputy Leader in Europe says Constitution is dead - calls for reform in Europe

Brussels 10 May 2006 -- Reacting to the Commission statement today on the future of the EU, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, deputy leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament said:

"The EU continues to delude itself that the EU Constitution and more integration is the answer to Europe's problems. The reality is that it is initiatives like the Constitution that have done so much to damage the organisation's credibility.

"We don't need any more time to reflect on a Constitution that died in the polling booths in France and the Netherlands last year. It is time to give the Constitution a decent burial and move on to a real reform programme in Europe that tackles the serious economic problems and gives some hope to the millions of unemployed across the continent.

"Tony Blair failed miserably to move the EU in a new direction when the UK held the EU presidency last year. The British people want some leadership on this issue, but it is clear that a crumbling, spineless Labour Government cannot provide it."

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