“Damning Verdict from UK Ombudsman on Equitable Life”

So says The Rt. Hon Sir Robert Atkins MEP for the North West in response to the report published today by the UK Parliamentary Ombudsman on the Equitable Life fiasco. Sir Robert was instrumental in persuading the European Parliament to set up a Special Investigative Committee to examine and report on the activities of the Company, the British Government and the European Commission. This was on the back of many thousands of petitions presented to the Parliament.

“Our report was highly critical of all concerned but, despite the substantial evidence of incompetence, lack of care and gross neglect of procedures, it received short shrift from Gordon Brown either as Chancellor of the Exchequer or Prime Minister,” commented the Tory MEP. “It now behoves Her Majesty’s Government to respond properly to the UK Ombudsman, to pay heed to the European Parliament conclusions and to play fair with the policy-holders who have lost out because of the failures of the Regulators and Ministers alike. On behalf of those many aggrieved citizens, I demand remedial action by the British Government.”

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