All five Tory MEP's for the North West were united in their condemnation yesterday in Strasbourg of the Labour Industry Secretary's decision to close down the world-class operation at Daresbury and move it to the South of England.

"We are at one with the Trades Unions in demanding that the Government change this decision and continue to build upon the centre of excellence which is the Diamond Synchrotron Project in the North West of England." commented Sir Robert Atkins. "It is a slap in the face for all those Labour MPs & MEPs and Labour Regional Assembly bigwigs who promised it would stay in our region and now have been found wanting. They have let down the workforce at Daresbury and the people of the North West. Where is Tony Blair's commitment to the regions and the "Labour heartlands" now?" concluded the Tory MEP. "As usual, Labour is all mouth and no delivery."

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