The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP lashed out at the rank hypocrisy and misrepresentation of Labour Ministers over the re-location of the Diamond Synchrotron Project, based at Daresbury near Warrington.

"The Wellcome Trust have just released a letter which spells out unequivocally that, all the time we were being told that the project was under consideration by Labour Ministers, they were actually pressing Wellcome to move to Oxford," commented Sir Robert. "Labour Ministers have misled the workforce at Daresbury, the North West Regional Development Agency, local industrialists and scientists and snubbed their own MPs, MEPs and Councillors.".

"The decision to move to the Rutherford Laboratories in Oxford was bad enough in itself and wrong in principle, but for Labour Ministers to have pretended that they cared about the North West, to have pretended that they were listening to local and scientific views and to have pretended that the decision was yet to be made, when all the time they were stringing everybody along and lying to those who have Daresbury's interests at heart, is a disgrace."

"Labour should be ashamed of itself." concluded Sir Robert Atkins. "Does this mean that British Nuclear Fuels will be ignored when they want assistance, just like British Aerospace was snubbed by Labour in the Welsh Assembly when the Company asked for financial backing to build the new Airbus Wing at Broughton, near Chester."

"Labour is all mouth and no delivery - as usual."

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