DEFRA Stabs Food Agency in the Back

The Secretary of State for DEFRA has shafted the Food Standards Agency (FSA) just before it was to contest the closure of a Lancashire Dairy with the European Commission.“ So says, the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West and Deputy Leader of the British Conservative MEPs.

Sir Robert said:

Bowland Dairy Products in Barrowford were processing and reconstituting previously-contaminated milk under the strict rules laid down by the FSA”, in hygienic conditions and with great ingenuity. The Commission’s Health Inspectors disagreed with the FSA and closed Bowland down, with the loss of 26 jobs.

Sir Robert continued:

The FSA were quite prepared to contest this decision in the Courts, “but the Government banned them from doing so and changed the rules at the last minute. It stinks! So much for Labour protecting British interests in Europe. DEFRA have given the game away to Brussels, yet again, and Bowland and its employees can sing for it, for all that Labour cares.

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