Conservative MEP to Commission: “Don’t meddle with our mince”

Sir Robert Atkins urges European Commission to rethink restrictions on cheaper mincemeat

Brussels, 31st March 2008 — UK consumers could face higher costs for British mince following a ruling from the European Commission. The ruling, which the Food Safety Authority failed to overturn, bans the processing of beef mince six days after slaughter. It seeks to bring all British beef up to standards typically reserved for raw mince dishes, for example steak tartare, a dish favoured more by French diners.At the moment British meat hangs for 14 to 28 days before being processed and is subject to strict hygiene controls.The impact on the consumer and the meat sector and has been described as potentially ‘catastrophic’ by The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP. He said:

“We do not eat steak tartare or other raw mince dishes. We like our meat well hung and well cooked.

“This latest ruling by the Commission is short sighted, ignores long established British traditions for hanging meat and is potentially catastrophic for the consumer and the meat sector alike. British mince processed under the current rules tastes delicious and is completely safe for cooking.”

“Instead of attacking our traditions, the Commission needs to rethink this policy immediately.”

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