MEP criticises proposed EU Driving Licence

North West MEP Sir Robert Atkins in his role as a member of the Transport & Tourism Committee has criticised plans to create a standard European driving licence. The proposed licence includes bureaucratic medical tests, mandatory renewals of licences and unnecessary regulation for motorcyclists. Conservatives voted against the plans while Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs voted in favour.

Speaking from Strasbourg today where the Directive was voted through in plenary, he commented:

"I have no objection to a standard format of driving licence across EU Member States however, regrettably, the Commission has gone way beyond this remit. Drivers with certain health problems will now be forced to have regular medical checks which will be inconvenient and unnecessary as the current UK notification system works perfectly well. Furthermore, all drivers will now be forced to renew their licences at regular intervals which will be a bureaucratic nightmare. In addition, motorcyclists will now be subjected to unhelpful regulation which will require them to take more tests.

Overall, this legislation is yet another example of an anti-road agenda from the Commission which will only have a negative impact on British motorists while doing nothing to improve road safety. Once again, Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs are endorsing legislation that is overly burdensome for the British citizen."

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