End the great milk robbery

Atkins backs NFU calls for supermarket action to give better milk prices

Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative deputy leader in the European Parliament, has backed the National Farmers Union’s call for supermarket chains to create a fairer business relationship with their suppliers.

In December 2006, the NFU published a survey showing dairy farmers in England and Wales make a loss of £270 million per year.

Sir Robert, who is the Conservative Euro-MP for the north-west region said:

“This is not a case of farmers crying over spilt milk. We need an urgent and full inquiry into the prices producers are being paid by the supermarkets. We get paid the lowest price for our milk amongst the major producers in Europe.

“Many dairy farmers believe supermarkets are illegitimately using their buying clout to force prices lower than farmers can sustain.

“Dairy farmers are vital to our countryside. The Women’s Institute says that every time a dairy farm goes out of business, 27 other businesses are also affected. If dairy farmers are allowed to go out of business, the whole countryside economy will be seriously affected. We need action now to end the great milk robbery.”

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