EU Commission congratulated on accepting Conservative reform agenda

Strasbourg, 25 October 2007 -- Conservative pressure has persuaded the Commission to promote flexibility in the workplace rather than the inflexibility of yet more EU legislation following the European Parliament's response to the Commission's Green Paper on modernising labour law.

In an announcement made yesterday regarding the future of EU Labour Law, the Commission will confirm that the way ahead is for improved co-operation between Member States, more clarity and better information - rather than yet more employment legislation. This faithfully reflects the Parliament's position agreed in July following a Conservative led Report.

Sir Robert said:

"David Cameron has urged the EU to come together to tackle global poverty, global warming and global competition - and to stop interfering in Member States' labour legislation. Labour law is a Member State competency best dealt with by individual countries.

The Commission response today confirms not just that the Parliament is listening to the Conservatives, but that our reform policies are directly influencing Commission President Barroso."

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