Atkins Calls For EU Leadership

In a private meeting with Pascal Lamy, the EU Trade Commmissioner, Sir Robert Atkins, the Conservative Spokesman on Trade in the European Parliament, called for an advancement in 3 main areas to redress the problems of the WTO negotiations.
  1. Sir Robert challenged the European Union to reform the 'medieval processes' of the WTO.
  2. To reform the CAP, enabling developing countries to trade without the crippling distortions of the current subsidies.
  3. Provide the necessary leadership to revive the Trade talks by concentrating on removing the subsidies and leaving the Singapore Issues until later.
In what was Commissioner Lamy's first visit to the Parliament since the collapse of the Trade talks, Sir Robert was forthright in his demands that the EU take the lead by setting an achievable agenda.

"Without these fundamental changes, the viability of the WTO as a multilateral institution will be untenable" stated Sir Robert. "It will leave bilateral trade agreements as the only alternative which will be to the detriment of the developing world."
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