Atkins fights for the nuclear industry - Again!

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP for the North West criticised Irish Green MEP Nuala Ahern for "scaremongering" about Sellafield in the European Parliament last night.Mrs Ahern tabled a Question to the Council of Ministers (currently under the Irish Presidency) demanding action on plutonium fall-out in children's teeth and attributed it to BNFL's site at Sellafield.

Sir Robert challenged her assertions, fact by fact, effectively disproving her argument.

"This Study from which Mrs Ahern quotes is old news being recycled as yet another scare story" declared Mr. Atkins. " I am thoroughly sick of the constant destructive and inaccurate material produced by the Irish anti-nuclear lobby which damages the Company, my constituents jobs and the livelihoods and communities which depend upon this important and valuable British resource."
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