A Resolution adopted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg today calls for significant and immediate aid for the fishing industry. 20,000 jobs are at threat in the UK whitefish sector alone due to catch and quota cuts and the reduction in allowable fishing days.

Conservative MEPs demanded that the European Commission allocate over £100 million in aid to help beleaguered fishermen. They also called on the Commission to re-assess long-term proposals for cod stocks recovery in order to protect jobs as well as a sustainable fishery industry. The Resolution was strongly supported by MEPs from across the European Parliament.

Speaking from Strasbourg after the vote, local Conservative MEP

Sir Robert Atkins said:

"The existing aid package is just too little. We recognise the need to conserve fish stocks for the future, but there has to be sufficient aid now to compensate fishermen for their immediate loss of livelihood. We will continue to fight on their behalf, and to press the UK Government to support our campaign"

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