Conservative deputy leader claims David Cameron has pushed Blair and Brown to focus on Europe’s environmental future

Strasbourg: 14th March — Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament, has praised David Cameron as “the true leader of the new green agenda in Europe” in Strasbourg today.

Welcoming the European Council agreement last week to cut EU greenhouse gases by 20% by 2020, Sir Robert said:

“I hope the leadership showed by member states will result in broader international action. The leader of my party, who has done so much to put climate change at the centre of politics in the UK, welcomes the new found enthusiasm of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

“The agreement sends a message to Europe that the EU can make a difference when it is not concentrating on arcane institutional issues that do not relate to the lives of the people.

Sir Robert added: “However, it is essential to know that institutional change will not be needed to improve the EU emissions scheme.”

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