Sir Robert Atkins and Michael Jack MP meet with Fylde Pig Farmers

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West, and the Rt. Hon. Michael Jack, MP for Fylde, met with Fylde pig farmers yesterday to hear about their problems.

"They told us that pig producers were leaving the industry weekly, that unfair competition from abroad was undercutting their already tiny margins, that supermarkets were not advertising British produce clearly and that they were inundated with excessive bureaucracy", commented Sir Robert.

Michael Jack, who is in constant and regular contact with his farming constituents, undertook to draw pig farmers' concerns to the attention of the Commons Agricultural Select Committee, of which he is a member, when it investigates the subject next week.

"The Labour Government makes great play of the extra money which it has allocated for the pig sector", said the Fylde MP, "but my Constituents have not seen a penny of it and they are very aggrieved and fearful for their livelihoods. I shall be pursuing Ministers in the House and demanding answers and action, to help my Constituents and other pigmeat producers."

Sir Robert told the farmers that he had voted against yet more pigmeat restrictions in Strasbourg last week and that he would be lobbying Commissioner Fischler on behalf of North West producers whenever the opportunity arose.

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