Government bees plan welcomed by Conservative MEP

Drastic action needed to stem the decline in bees

The government’s publication of a plan to halt the decline in bees has been welcomed by Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins. Defra and the Welsh assembly have published the ten year plan - called ‘Healthy Bees’.

The declining bee population could have a detrimental impact on around a third of the food we eat, including most fruit and vegetables, which are pollinated by bees.

In November, the European Parliament passed a resolution led by Conservative MEPs which urged the European Commission to fund extensive research into the potential causes of bee decline.

Sir Robert said:

“The government has recognised the potentially devastating threat that the decline in bee numbers poses to our food security. The government will need to commit more than £4 million if we are to swiftly identify the causes of bee decline and remedy them. The costs to our economy of not acting will be far greater than the comparatively small sum Defra has allocated so far.

“A failure to take drastic action now could have serious consequences. There is no plan B.”

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