Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West and Conservative Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament, was asked to give evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Transport last Wednesday (07.03.01). The Committee was in Brussels in pursuit of an inquiry into Aviation and Air Traffic Delays and as Sir Robert had steered a Report on the same subject through the Parliament last year, felt that he could contribute usefully to its discussions.

"Air Traffic Congestion in our skies is in urgent need of remedial action" commented Sir Robert, "and I am delighted that such a prestigious Westminster Committee agrees with me. It is a privilege to be asked to appear before such an investigation - and not a little daunting - and I hope that I was able to get the message across."

"Unless the Member States of the EU recognise the problem of overcrowded skies, the increased likelihood of accidents and the inefficient management of military airspace, the situation will go from bad to worse" concluded the North West MEP. "The British Government can and should take the lead and I hope that the Select Committee Report will press them into action."

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