Irish voters should not be deceived by Lisbon ‘tinkering’

No fundamental changes

Responding to news that the Irish will be asked to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, said:

“There are no real substantive changes between the treaty the Irish rejected before, and only a few cosmetic changes from the European Constitution, which the French and Dutch people also did not want.

“Irish, French and Dutch voters must not be deceived by this constant tinkering around the edges of the European Constitution. At what point will Europe’s leaders realise the meaning of the word ‘no’?

“Although making the Irish people vote again is undemocratic, at least they have had an opportunity to voice their concerns, some of which the Irish government has sought to address. The British people have been totally voiceless over this treaty, and the concessions made to the Irish make the case for a referendum in the UK all the more compelling.

“Gordon Brown hypocritically puts pressure on Ireland to hold a second vote, whilst denying the British people any say.”

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