Labour “queue tax” row as Conservatives say no to passengers having to pay for airport security

UK government says passengers should pay for extra security costs at airports through another ticket charge. Conservatives and all other parties in European Parliament say extra charges should come from general taxation

There was hope today for Britain’s hard pressed airport passengers as Conservatives in the European Parliament said no to a “queue tax” to meet the cost of the post-9/11 security measures. Amending the proposed regulation on common rules for civil aviation security* the Parliament struck against EU governments who all want the costs passed directly onto the traveller.

Conservative Deputy Leader, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, said:

“Queuing for security is becoming a nightmare for millions of passengers. People can even miss their flight just because of over-zealous checks at some airports which are not replicated at others. Now the government wants everybody to pay for the pleasure.

MEPs from all parties, except Labour, are of the same opinion - the passenger should not face extra financial burdens as they face enough already. These measures are a direct result of a Government decision and that means the costs should be found from general taxation.”

Parliament says if the government wishes to take more stringent security measures, it must report them to both the Commission and the Regulatory Committee responsible for drawing up the technical implementing measures. It must also meet the costs of applying more stringent measures.

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