Labour’s nuclear conversion should be replicated throughout Europe to ensure energy security

Brussels, 27th March 2008 — On the day that the UK and France agree to build a new generation of nuclear power stations, Sir Robert Atkins MEP urged Europe to embrace nuclear energy to ensure security of supply is improved.

Sir Robert said: “Labour has lagged behind the rest of Europe on nuclear energy and their announcements in support of it are a welcome recognition of the reality that nuclear is a vital part of the energy mix for the future.

“31% of EU electricity is generated by nuclear energy. Nuclear provides supply security, price stability and low carbon emissions. It is vital to ensure that our future energy policy is a diverse mix which includes renewables and nuclear power because we need all of it.

“Labour’s conversion on the road to Damascus is a welcome change from the imprudent emphasis on wind energy in particular but renewables in general contained in the 2003 Energy White Paper.”

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