Large cavity in Government policy on NHS dentist treatment

Strasbourg, 16th January 2008 — Millions of people in England and Wales have not seen a dentist since April 2006, exposing a large cavity in the Government’s pledge on access to an NHS dentist, Sir Robert Atkins MEP said today.

His comments follow Citizens Advice research published today, which reveals almost a third of adults in England and Wales (31 per cent) may not have been to a dentist for nearly two years - the main reason being that they could not find one to treat them.

Of these estimated 7.4 million people, approximately 4.7 million have had to pay out for private treatment instead, while 2.7 million have gone without treatment altogether.

Sir Robert continued:

“There seems to be a large cavity in Government policy. They promise an NHS dentist for everyone, but now we can see how hollow that pledge has turned out.”

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