Atkins slams Prime Minister’s £725m ‘betrayal’ over lost pensions

Gordon Brown has overruled his Cabinet over plans to bail out thousands of pensioners whose employers went bust.

Ministers had promised £725million to help more than 125,000 workers whose company pension schemes collapsed. However, the Prime Minister has risked a major Cabinet split by vetoing the plan

Campaigner Dr Ros Altmann, of the Pensions Action Group, said last night: “The money is there. It just needs to be paid. Northern Rock was sorted out in days - these people have been waiting years. Good people are being left to have another dreadful Christmas. I do not know how any politician can enjoy Christmas festivities if these people are being left like this.”

Sir Robert, who was instrumental in investigating the Equitable Life disaster - another government pensions scandal, commented:

“This is yet a further example of the Labour Government’s contempt for pensioners. Indeed, we are still waiting for a proper response to the European Parliament’s report on the Equitable Life Disaster and there is no expectation that the government will respond before next summer. In the meantime, Conservatives continue to demand immediate action on all these fronts.”

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