MEP Condemns Allocation of EU Funds to Rich German Region

One of the richest regions in Europe (Luneburg), nicknamed the 'Fat Belt' of Hamburg thanks to its considerable wealth, will receive £600 million in EU aid.

This is due to an anomaly in EU accounting methods, whereby 'Fat Belt' residents who work outside the region do not contribute to the relative wealth statistics of Luneburg.

Consequently, Luneburg has been identified as an area of special need and therefore qualifies for EU "structural aid".

"This is a disgraceful loophole in EU regulations whereby Luneburg gets the money that should be going to more needy regions in the EU, such as the West Coast of Cumbria." commented Sir Robert Atkins MEP and Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament.

"I shall be pressing the Commissioner to explain this ridiculous situation and to review and replace any regulation that is so deficient.

Luneburg is one of the wealthiest parts of Germany and simply does not deserve these funds. I want my constituents in the North West who are losing jobs and livelihoods to benefit and I demand that Luneburg returns the taxpayers' money to which they are not entitled."

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