MEP welcomes EU seal products ban

Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins has welcomed the European Parliament’s vote for a ban on all seal products across the EU.

Globally, around 900,000 seals are killed for products such as gloves and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements and many consumers remain unaware that they are buying goods containing seal products.

Under the proposals adopted today, indigenous Inuit populations will be exempted when survival hunting and seal hunts conducted for the sustainable management of marine resources will be allowed to continue, under tight restrictions.

Sir Robert said after the vote:

“This is the start of the process rather than the end. We must now work closely with the countries conducting seal hunts to make sure this is properly enforced.

“The EU must also help them and their Arctic communities find sustainable ways of life that do not depend on the inhumane slaughter of seals.

“This may not bring an end to the seal hunt, conducted for sustainable management purposes, but it does send a clear message that we should have no part in animal cruelty.”

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