MEPs vote for safer toys for Christmas future

New standards will be introduced for toys sold within the EU after MEPs backed proposals today. The package will create significantly safer toys without passing huge financial or red tape burdens onto UK manufacturers.

The revised standards are needed to address the challenges posed by technological advancements in toy design and manufacturing over recent years. Included in the proposals are greater clarification on the ‘general safety requirement’ - the legal basis for taking dangerous toys off the market, limits on chemicals used in toys and a safety assessment for the hazards that a toy may present.

Following pressure from Conservative MEPs small businesses will not have to submit toys for third party testing. This would have landed manufacturers with new financial burdens, with little clear benefit to product safety and at a time when many of them face a long period of financial uncertainty.

Speaking after the vote, Sir Robert said:

“This legislation will significantly enhance toy safety for children without being overly restrictive and limiting the choice of good quality, safe toys. It was also important that we didn’t give responsible producers an unwanted Christmas present of over-burdening legislation wrapped in EU red tape.

“UK manufacturers, many of them small businesses, who are already suffering because of the financial crisis, would have been subjected to substantial new costs had we not successfully fought off plans to force them into submitting toys for third party testing.

“Parents can feel assured that their children will be better protected by safer toys.”

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