The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP joined North West Dairy Farmers on Friday as they marched through Lancashire on their way to Cheshire to protest about the loss of their livelihoods caused by the low price caused from milk.

'Local milk producers are understandably angry at the gap between the milk price they receive compared to the retail price in the shops and dairies,' commented Sir Robert. 'They are marching on London from every part of the UK and I was glad to support the NW Section on a part of their journey. Our Dairy Farmers deserve a better deal from this Labour Government who, together with their local MPs, are all mouth and no delivery'.

The NW Tory MEP promised to raise the farmers' concerns in the European Parliament on the day the March arrives at Westminster. "Centre Right MEPs told the Commission in no uncertain terms why we wanted to retain School Milk', declared Sir Robert, "and they had to listen. We shall do the same again on the Milk Price, although the power to act lies with the Labour Government, at whose door the blame must be laid. Labour simply does not understand or care about the rural community.'

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