"Regional Bureaucracy across the North West Riddled with Labour's Crony Culture" says Sir Robert Atkins MEP"

Sir Robert Atkins today revealed new independent research showing that the Government are packing the boards of the new Regional Development Agencies with Labour supporters. Of those RDA board members with a political affiliation, almost three quarters have links to either the Labour Party or its union paymasters.

Sir Robert Atkins remarked, we already know that Labour stuffed the Health Service with incompetent Labour cronies. Now we are seeing that this culture is growing. John Prescott is rewarding his friends in local government with lucrative, fat cat positions on these regional quangos. He is showing blatant disregard for the principle that appointments to public bodies should be based on merit, not on politics.

There are no Conservatives on the North West Regional Development Agency. This bears no relationship to the relative local government strength of the parties in the North West, where 22% of the councillors are Conservatives, compared to 54% Labour and19% Liberal Democrats.

In total, these Labour cronies are being paid £284,000 every year, or £5351 per day worked, to run these unnecessary, wasteful and bureaucratic organisations. RDAs already waste £580 million of taxpayers money a year in administration this is equivalent to funding an additional 3,000 police officers.

The Conservatives will scrap all moves towards regional government and will instead give power back to local communities, strengthening local authorities, schools, voluntary group and parish councils.

North West Development Agency: 5 Labour, 1 LibDem
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